I’m Daisy,

A kiwi girl on a mission to get the most out of life. I’m a life lover and an adventurer. I’m a loyal friend, needy little sister, a proud aunty and loved up girlfriend. I am also a Life Coach and I have the enormous pleasure in coaching millennial women to get Moore out of life.

I’m obsessed with:

  • My friends and family

  • Nature and anything outdoors

  • Helping others

  • Picnics packed full of avocado, hummus and dark chocolate. 

  • And my sexy af boyfriend. 

I’m secretly good at opera singing, I laugh really loud and believe that love and your health are the most important things. 

My Journey  

I didn’t realise this until a few years ago but my story and this business began a long time ago. When I was two and a half my beautiful mum passed away, she died of a heart attack at the young age of 38. That evening her body failed her and the life she and I had known was instantly taken away.

At a young age, I learnt how important your health is and witnessed how quickly life can be taken away. Without realising, what I experienced formed this passion, a fire in my belly to make the most out of my own life.

However for a lot of my life I got caught up in doing what I thought I “should”. I finished school, went to university, graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and began my career in marketing. It wasn’t until a few years later that I woke up. 

I remember thinking is this it? I’d wake up most mornings racking my brains to think of some way I could get out of work.

Was this going to be my life for the next 40+ years until I could retire? Surely not!

The fire in my belly had been reignited and I knew I had to start living a life true to me. So I packed my bags and armed with my best friend, our passports, an extremely loose plan and the money we had saved we hit the road. 

For eight and a half months we travelled the world. We slept in a tent for a month in Africa, tanned our way through the European summer (yip,this ginger body can tan) and headed to South East Asia to stretch our pennies and eat Pad Thai.

Throughout the trip, I saw so many different ways of live life and for the first time, I stopped to think… 

What kind of life do I want to have? 

What's important to me? 

One day while having lunch near the Vltava (A river in Prague) I decided that in order to keep our adventure alive I had to start doing more of the things I loved. I had no idea what I wanted to do or what job would make me happy but I knew it was time that I started to be the director of my own life. 

So I wrote a list of everything I loved doing: cuddling, chatting, exercise and yoga, the outdoors especially the beach and the bush, dancing, listening to my friends chat about their troubles, brunch, learning new things, health, helping people, cooking, travelling, photography. The list went on. 

I didn’t know how this would all connect together but I began my mission to simply do more of what brought me joy. I dropped the excuses and started making it happen. So… 

After the trip, I moved back to Sydney got a house near the beach and a job in Marketing, but this time for a brand I actually cared about, Fitness First. I used the comfort of my job to pursue other things that were less comfortable.

I began studying at the Institute for integrative nutrition (a nutrition and holistic health school) and although I had absolutely no intention of becoming a coach I knew I was interested in the content and I loved learning so thought ‘why not’. 

I began making time to watch the sunrise over the beach, tried out all the local yoga studios and started ditching my party lifestyle for something that felt more true.

By simply putting one foot in front of the other and doing more of the things I loved amazing opportunities started to come my way. 

Here are a few examples:

I was interested in self-development so I started reading self-help books and going to events. One of the events I loved was Melissa Ambrosini’s fortnightly Goddess Group. I began going alone and one week I plucked up the courage to go introduce myself and ask Melissa if she had any jobs going. Turns out she needed help at her events and like magic I began helping her out. I’d go to work during the day then meet her in the evening to help set up and host the events. It was amazing and an opportunity I could never have dreamed up.

A few months later Fitness First announced they needed more yoga teachers. I heard about the opportunity by chance because my desk was beside the girl who wrote the internal newsletters sent out to personal trainers. She had seen me going to yoga most lunchtimes so passed on the information as she thought I might be interested. Fitness First was opening a new yoga studio so were needing to backfill the positions left in the gyms, although I didn’t work in the gym to my surprise they agreed to take me on, give me time off and cover a large portion of my training. Doing my yoga teacher training was a huge goal of mine but I had no idea how I would have the time or the money. Voila, just like that, an opportunity surfaced. 

I have countless more examples of this happening to both me and clients I’ve worked with, but by simply doing more of the things I love, living a life true to me and stepping out of my comfort zone I began to shape a new career and a life of my dreams. 

Then in 2017 after graduating as a holistic health coach and living and working on a health retreat I decided to start my own coaching business and that's when daisymoore.co.nz was born. I had been sharing my own journey and what I was learning in a closed Facebook group I had titled “Hungry For Moore” (which accurately described my feelings at the time). I was so nervous to share my beliefs publicly as for so long I had identified as “the fun party girl” that I thought my blogs on self-love, manifesting, meditation, mindset and bucking the status quo might go down like a cup of cold sick. However, as always "those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind" 

So, the ones who loved it encouraged me to share it publicly and daisymoore.co.nz was born. It wasn't until a close friend asked me to coach her that I started to think there could be a business in this. I witnessed a huge positive change in her and to this day that still motivates me to keep going. 

For a long time I didn’t have the courage to step outside my comfort zone, it seemed easier to be the party girl who didn’t openly care about anything and who went along with what she thought society expected but what I’ve realised is that being yourself is far easier in the long run and WAY more fun!

Since starting my little corner of the world I have had the enormous pleasure in coaching millennial women to uncover their passion and purpose, bust through fear and get Moore out of life. It’s a continuous winding road but I’m grateful every day that I get to do what I love and guide others to do the same. 

I’m so grateful to have you along for the journey and look forward to supporting you and giving you a gentle loving kick up the bum because it’s time to get Moore out of life!

fun facts about me...

  • My real name is Olivia, my middle name is Daisy and parents were going to call me that until I was 5 then, I'd get a "real" name. Great idea...

  • I hate celery, needles, clowns and random people touching me.

  • I have 2 tattoos, both unplanned and yes still VERY afraid of needles.

  • I love to dance any style, anytime.

  • I've been to 42 countries so far.

  • I've dyed my hair brown, black and blonde.

  • Neither of my parents or grandparents have red hair!

  • I'm obsessed with my family especially my Aunty who I adore and admire - talk about #goals.

  • I didn't get into uni first try... not my finest moment but redeemed myself by never failing a paper.

  • I can't stand when the volume is on an uneven number apart from 7 and 9, those I can handle.

  • I can ski- thanks to my dad who lives at the base of a mountain in NZ.

  • Thanks also to Dad it's hard to embarrass me (silver lining hay).

  • I hate spelling the word definitely.

  • I can be extremely inappropriate.

  • I believe there is a greater power, God, Buddha, karma, the divine. Whatever you want to call it there's something up there working its magic.

  • I'm a Gemini.

  • I was until recently the youngest person in my family including cousins and siblings.

  • I go from normal to starving, there's no hungry for me its either full or hangry.

  • I prefer the aisle seat.

  • I love asking questions, my family still call me Miss Why Why because I used to ask so many questions as a kid.

Do you have a question for me? Don't be shy I also love meeting new people.